Volunteer Sean "Maxi" Mcilvenná Republican Flute Band


Established: 1999
Location: Calton - Glasgow
Website: www.vsmrfb.org | www.vsmrfb.com | www.maxirfb.info
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/maxirfb
Twitter: http://twitter.com/officialvsmrfb
Band Shop: http://vsmrfb-shop.moonfruit.com
Email: lloydi@vsmrfb.org | admin@vsmrfb.org


The Vol. Sean "Maxi" McIlvenná RFB is a Republican Flute band is one of the best known Republican bands in Scotland.

The band has a wide range of personalities and characters. The membership is from a range of areas throughout the west of Scotland. The band enjoys a wealth of experience from Republican band veterans and enthusiasm from its younger members. As well as providing tuition in the flute and drum the band an invaluable informal education on historical and contemporary Republicanism.

The attendance of the band on parades is vitally important as it's music connects with the emotions of the grass roots supporters of the movement. The band also raises awareness of Sean McIlvenna's life as well as commemorating other republican volunteers through music.

The band was originally called the "Sons of Ireland RFB" who marched for a few years under the West of Scotland Band Alliance. In 2003 the band resigned from WOSBA after a few of its members were threatened with expulsion. The band continued to march independently both in Scotland and Ireland. In this period The Maxi attended the Kevin Lynch commemoration in Dungiven and the Vol. Pearse Jordan comm. in Belfast. During this time the Republican movement continued to back the band. This was shown by the level of support shown both here and in Ireland by republicans who followed the band.

In 2004 the band joined the newly formed umbrella organisation Cairde na hhÉireann to the present day.

The band itself consists of and accepts members irrespective of religious background. Members are like minded individuals who support the struggle for a united Ireland. The aims of the band do not support any form of bigotry, racism or fascism and will not condone acts of sectarianism in any shape or form.

The band is a non-profit making organisation which supports the struggle for a united Ireland participating in parades up and down the country and in Ireland.

The band is always looking for new members from experienced musicians to first time learners full tuition is provided from the flute or the drum or just learning how to march to add to our colour party.

We Like to keep active and attend as many parades and functions, political events we can so we expect members to be committed to the bands aims and expectations.

"í measc Laochra na nGael go raibh a n-anamacha"
(Their names are among the heroes of the Gaels)